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              TO CHRIST

I am not moved, my God, to give you love
by thoughts of heaven that you've promised me;
nor am I moved by thoughts of dreaded hell
for that alone, to cease offending thee.

You are what moves me, Lord; I'm moved to see
you on a cross and mocked with every breath;
I'm moved to see your body racked with wounds;
I'm moved by your affronts and by your death.

I'm moved, in sum, by love for you so great
that I would love you were not heaven there,
and I would fear you, if there were no hell.

You need give me no prize to love you thus,
for even if what I hope I hoped not,
as I now love you I would love you still.

Anonymous, attributed to Santa Teresa
Translation by Alix Ingber

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Attributed to Santa Teresa
audio Voz: Ditirambo -
ruso Перевод А. Гелескула
inglés Translation by Thomas Walsh
inglés Translation by Art Eschenlauer
inglés Translation by Stacy Shoop
inglés Translation by Hugh Seay.
inglés Translation by Michael Haldane.
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